Course Cariculam B.Sc Nursing,  M.G University
 Rules and regulation of examination/Exam. Calender

 1. University examination shall be conducted ordinarily twice in a year.
 2. Candidate shall register for all parts of examination in their first appearance
 3. Candidates who have undergone the prescribed course of study for a period not less than 10 (Ten) months of the academic year only can appear for the examination. No candidate shall be admitted to any part of the examination unless she/he has secured a minimum of 80% or above attendance for classes as well as Practicals in each subjects.
 4. (a) A candidate who is absent for a total of more than 60 days with in a period of three months during an academic year shall not be eligible to continue the course with the same batch of students. He/she may obtain special sanction for readmission with the junior batch of students, from higher authorities. (University / DME / Govt. of Kerala)

 (b) Candidates who fail to appear for the examination in any part or parts owing to the shortage of required attendance shall make amends for the lost attendance before appearing for the  succeeding examination. If the shortage is beyond the condonable limit, the candidate should repeat with junior batch.

 (c) Condonation will be permitted only for theory 
 5.  A candidate must have 100% attendance in each of the practical areas before
issuing course completion Certificate. 
6.  Minimum pass mark shall be 50% (Fifty percentage) for internal examination, boththeory and practical. If any candidate is not having the minimum class average mark (internal assessment) of 50%, he or she shall not be allowed to appear for the University examination in any subject of that particular year of study. Calculation of internal marks shall be based on the ongoing and continuous
 assessment as specified below:
  (i) Theory :
Periodic written examination distributed throughout the year. Average of minimum three examinations for each subject, and evaluation by other methods like
  (ii) Practical (Clinical) :

(a)   Continuous clinical evaluation during the clinical experience of the student asspecified by the specific institution, including nursing care study, clinical presentation, planned health teaching programme, projects etc.

(b)   Clinical / practical examination conducted in the concerned practical area.
7.  Maximum number of attempts permitted for each paper is 3 (Three), including the first attempt.
8.  A candidate has to pass in theory and practical examination separately in each of the papers. 
9.  Minimum pass marks shall be 50% (Fifty percent) in each of the theory and practical papers separately  for University examination.
10. If a candidate fails in either theory or practical paper, he / she has to reappear For both the papers (Theory and practical) of that subject. 
11. No candidate shall be admitted to the subsequent higher examination unless he / she has passed the previous examination. For eg. no candidate shall be admitted to Second year BSc Nursing examination unless he / she passed first year BSc Nursing degree examination.
12. A candidate failing in more than two subjects will not be promoted to the next year. 
13. A candidate who fails in any paper or part or in the examination may appear for that paper or whole examination during the subsequent examination. 
14. The maximum period to complete the course successfully should not exceed 8 years from the date  of admission to the course.      
15. A candidate who secure the minimum 50% marks for pass, as specified in the scheme of examination shall be declared passed the examination.Candidate who pass all parts of examination on the first occasion of appearing thereof shall be ranked in order of proficiency as determined by the total marks obtained and shall be arranged in two classes.

Second Class :
Candidates who have passed the examination with an aggregate of 50% and above.

First Class :
Those who have secured 65% marks aggregate or above.

Distinction :

Those students who have secured aggregate 75% (Seventy five percent) or above marks be awarded distinction. Candidates who pass in the First class and who obtain not less than 75% of the marks in any subject shall be deemed to have passed with distinction in that subject. Candidates who pass the examination in subsequent appearance shall be ranked only in Second class.

Rank in the Examination :

Aggregate marks of all the 4 years regular examinations shall be considered for awarding rank for the B.Sc Nursing Examination. (A Consolidated mark list consisting of marks of all 4-year examination shall be given to all students.
Candidate shall undergo a course of professional study as mentioned below in College of Nursing or in any institution maintained by or affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi University, for not less than four academic years from the date of admission of the student and internship for a period of one year as per State/University policy.
( i )  First year BSc course in Nursing.
( ii)  Second year BSc course in Nursing.
(iii) Third year BSc course in Nursing. 
(iv) Fourth year (Final) BSc course in Nursing

Scheme of Examination
First year BScNursing Examination

 Subject Theory Duration Practical Duration Viva
Part I. Biological SciencePaper I- Anatomy        
Paper II - Physiology   2 hrs.    
Paper III - Microbiology   2 hrs.    
Paper IV - Biochemistry   2 hrs.    
Part II. Social and Behavioural science      
Paper I – Sociology 2 hrs.    
Paper II – Psychology 2 hrs.    
Part III. Nursing I      
Paper I- Nursing Foundations  2 hrs.  3 hrs  Yes
Part IV. Communidty Health      
Paper I- Introduction to Community Health  3 hrs    
Part V. Computer science      
English No Univeristy Examiantion
Only internalassessement

Second  Year BSc Nursing Examination

 Subject Theory Duration Practical Duration  Viva
Part I. Nursing II      
Paper I- Medical Nursing Including   Dermatology and Communicable Disease Nursing   3 hrs   3 hrs   Yes
Paper II – Pharmacology   2 hrs     -  -
Paper II – Nursing III      
Paper I- Surgical NursingIncluding O.R. Technique, Eye &ENT Nursing  3 hrs  3 hrs  Yes
Part III.Nursing IV           
Community Health Nursing I   3 hrs    

Third Year B.Sc Nursing Examination 

 Subject Theory Duration  Practical Duration  Viva
 Part I. Nursing V      
Paper I- Medical SurgicalNursing – II  3 hrs  3 hrs  Yes
Paper II – Mental Health Nursing   3 hrs  3 hrs  Yes
Paper III - Child Health Nursing   3 hrs  3 hrs  Yes
Paper II - Nursing Research and Statistics  3 hrs    

Fourth Year B.Sc Nursing Examination

Subject Theory Duration Practical Duration   Viva 
Part I. Nursing VI       
Paper I- Obstetrical NursingIncluding Gynecological Nursing  3 hrs  3 hrs  Yes
Paper II – Community Health Nursing II   3 hrs  3 hrs  Yes
Paper II – Educationand AdministrationPaper I- Nursing Education   3 hrs  3 hrs  Yes
Part II -Management of Nursing service and education   3 hrs    


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